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Presentation Abstract

Future Directions for SysML v2 and the Systems Modeling Environment

  • Speaker: Sanford Friedenthal - MBSE Consultant
  • When: Day 2 : Monday May 23rd
  • The Object Management Group (OMG) adopted the Systems Modeling Language (OMG SysML™) in 2006, and Version 1 was available in 2007. Since its adoption, SysML has enabled broad recognition and increased adoption of model-based systems engineering practices across industry. Systems engineers learned much from this experience, including the strengths and weaknesses of SysML, and the benefits and challenges associated with adopting and applying MBSE. This presentation will address the early efforts by the OMG System Modeling Assessment & Roadmap Working Group to develop the requirements for the next generation systems modeling language (SysML v2) as part of a System Modeling Environment (SME).