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Presentation Abstract

MBSE and the Business of Engineering

  • Speaker: Pawel Chadzynski - Aras & Michael Pfenning - XPLM
  • When: Day 2 : Monday May 23rd
  • As product complexity continues to increase, highly collaborative cross-discipline engineering processes are essential to the successful development of next generation aircraft, vehicles, equipment, defense technologies, and other systems. To deal with the growing complexity and tie requirements through functional, logical and physical product structure, organizations are moving to implement Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). But unless MBSE is connected with the business it risks remaining just another isolated island of automation. Find out about new approaches that help MBSE to drive the business of engineering with existing systems like ALM and PLM and connect processes across the company and suppliers. Learn how to take the “BS” out of MBSE and provide a foundation for tomorrow’s product development process.