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Presentation Abstract

The AMoEBA Framework enabling Physics-integrated Executable Architectures

  • Speaker: Gregory Haun - AGI
  • When: Day 2 : Monday May 23rd
  • This presentation will describe the development and utility of a simulation and analysis framework, AMoEBA (Agent Modeling of Event-Based Architectures), founded on an executable architecture methodology allowing for the examination of agent interactions; represented through doctrinal/policy motivations, systemic modes of operation, and human behaviors; constrained by integrated models, tools, and data imposing the limitations realized through a holistic and multi-dimensional physics-based environment. Concept, system, and actor architectures constructed through these semantically formalized behaviors and physics constrained events allow for non-developers and experts in the field to easily and graphically capture, vet, and adapt these models for analysis and simulation needs without being burdened with additional development translation and explanation.  These architectural representations fulfill both documentation requirements, while also serving as the very model for simulation playout and analysis discovery. The chosen tools-of-choice for architecture editing and execution, based on strict adherence to the UML standards and the provision of a robust discrete-event simulation interpreter and execution environment is MagicDraw with the Cameo Simulation Toolkit.